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About gigApp

gigApp is a new web-based application designed to make it effortless and quick to INSTANTLY update your band's schedule and latest news from any computer. This software is specifically designed to be used by anyone (with no training required), and is affordable for independent artists and touring bands who don't have an online support budget. gigApp is currently being used by managers, web designers, tour managers, and many band members to save valuable time and effectively manage the band's website.

In this dynamic period in the music industry, a band's Internet presence and online information has become critical to achieving success. Often, valuable promotion time is lost when you have to wait for days for your web designer (or band-mate) to update tour dates or important news on your website.

With gigApp, you can update your website from any computer with Internet access INSTANTLY. You, your manager, or a band mate can make updates from anywhere - backstage at a show, in the van using a laptop/cell phone, or whenever you need to. Research shows that site visitors and fans make more frequent "return visits" when a band's website is frequently updated with news, tour diaries, or shows. With gigApp, you just type in a few details and click "Submit", and your fans will see the new information on your website.

gigApp is based on technology that is used by many national artists and management companies with extensive budgets. It is now available at a small fraction of the cost. This new software works with your existing website page format, and can be customized to meet your specific needs. It is designed so anyone can use it immediately upon setup, with no training required. The program is secure and password-protected, and is only accessible to people who you provide with user accounts.

All of your important information can be viewed, edited, or organized from any computer with an Internet connection. This functionality helps you make updates in just minutes, instead of the hours it may take you to manually enter all the information. It also keeps accurate tour archives and records of venue information, shows specifics, and news.

Show data is kept on the gigApp servers. However, your web site visitors will never leave your web site. Gigs and news are pulled into existing pages on your site from our severs. All you need to do is provide our staff with your existing tour page and specify which new items you'd like to show on your schedule. A simple HTML file will be mailed to you to replace your current tour dates page. Easy!

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  • gigApp is web-based, and can be used on ANY computer with an internet connection.
  • gigApp is based on technology that is used by many national artists and management companies with extensive budgets. It is available here for a fraction of the cost.
  • gigApp is affordable for developing bands at any financial level. It was specifically written for bands.
  • gigApp works with YOUR website, and we will set it up to your specifications on your web pages. We will tailor it to have the appearance you desire.
  • gigApp is database-driven. All of your information (show details, news, venue information, etc.) is stored in your personal database for instant updates, edits, and report viewing.
  • gigApp has step by step instructions, just a click away.
  • gigApp offers Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Storage.
  • Personalized customer service is provided via email.


  • gigApp is easy to use. Even your drummer can update your website. It is currently being used by managers, web designers, band members, and tour managers.
  • gigApp can be used on ANY computer with a web connection. It gives you the FREEDOM to update your website instantly from anywhere - home, your van (with a cell connection), backstage at a show, even in another country.
  • gigApp helps you keep your fans/audience always up to date with all your current information.
  • gigApp eliminates the waiting time for updates to be made for your website. You type in some details, the program accesses the additional details from the database, and the data is LIVE on your website instantly.
  • gigApp WILL save you time and money (even webmasters!) You can now input a tour schedule in minutes, instead of hours manually.
  • gigApp allows you to give accounts to people such as your webmaster, manager, or band member.
  • gigApp can help you increase "return traffic" to your band's website. "Return traffic" leads to fans being excited and buying merch., going to shows, and spreading the word about your band. gigApp allows you to make more frequent updates to your site, stay in touch while on the road, and keep information always up to date. If fans know to look for frequent updates, you will enjoy more return traffic and hits to your website.
  • gigApp can be customized to meet your particular needs.
  • gigApp archives all of your tour dates, venue details (and more), and makes record keeping a breeze.
  • gigApp will eliminate many problems (and headaches) such as:
    • " We just booked a show at 9:30 Club for next week and have to heavily promote, but our web designer is on vacation." No problem with gigApp.
    • "Our drummer updates the website, but his computer has been broken for 2 weeks and our website is not updated". No problem with gigApp.
    • "I'm tired of waiting for our web designer to make a simple update. It often takes days or a week". No problem with gigApp.
    • "We're on a 3 week tour, and want to post a "tour diary", but we update our website from home, and don't have the 'power' to do it on the road". Now it's no problem with gigApp.
    • "It is a pain and takes hours to update our tour dates. I don't have time for it, in between playing, writing, and promoting." Now it's no problem with gigApp.

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