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  • Giggin software: Giggin helps you take an honest look at how much money you make on the road AND how much you spend on food, travel, and yeah, beer.

Recording Studios

  • TBR Sudio: TBR Studio is a premier 32 Track Pro Tools Home Studio located in Burke, Virginia. We offer our clients a recording environment much like the comforts of your own home. Nicknamed “The Basement” by most clients, you will find yourself in an atmosphere perfect for producing quality performances every time.

Music Equipment

  • A web site devoted to computer hardware/software that helps to create music.

Featured Client


Laughing Colors: Featured ClientWhen LC came together in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, the rock quartet said they just wanted to make their music their life. Now, after completing a tour to Greenland, selling over 50,000+ CDs independently, and playing over 200 shows per year, the band is doing just that.

Known for their intense, dynamic live performance, LC is continuously touring and electrifying East Coast audiences. In January, 2003, the band completed a tour in Greenland, performing for the US troops through the Armed Forces Entertainment network. Through their touring, LC has developed a rabid and loyal fan base, and have sold 15,000+ t-shirts, and built an email list of over 14,000 names. Any fan of the band will fervently tell you that you must experience LC live to get the full impact of their music. The electrically charged crowd is an integral part of the show, participating throughout and responding enthusiastically to charismatic, evocative front-man Dave Tieff, the creative rock accents of Corey Hall on guitar, and the pounding, fierce rhythm of Will Dorsey Jr. on drums and Dan Welsh on bass.

Accompanying the acclaim for LC's live show, is the fact that their radio-friendly, alternative rock songs have gotten airplay on numerous commercial stations throughout the US. Their song "Solution" was added to regular rotation (25+ spins/week)on Baltimore's 98ROCK. The band has played at countless high-profile radio shows and festivals, including the 99.1 WHFStival in Washington, DC in 1999 and 2000, the DC101 Chili Cook-Off in 2001, the Vans Warped Tour, and numerous 98ROCK festivals and events. LC has performed with bands such as LIVE, Train, Eve 6, SR-71, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Our Lady Peace, and more.

LC has been written up in publications including Billboard, Time Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly. LC is currently preparing to release a new album this fall. They are joining forces with producer Anthony J. Resta, whose credits include Collective Soul, Megadeth etc. This will be the follow-up to their last release "Nothing But Sky".

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