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gigApp is a subscription service. Subscriptions are available on a monthly basis or a yearly basis if using PayPal. To arrange for other methods of payment, click here. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. The current cycle's subscription will remain available upon cancellation until the subscription period has expired.

Q: How much does gigApp cost?
A: gigApp's standard cost is $10 for the first month, then $15 a month thereafter. However, there are several different pricing structures that are used depending on length of subscription and promotional pricing. See the FAQ for related questions on subscriptions.

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Want a free subscription? Get another band to sign up, and you will receive a month free! We want to reward you for referrals. If your referral keeps the gigApp service for two months or more, we'll give you a second month free! The more referrals you turn in, the more free months you get. There's no limit!

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Want to trade links? gigApp is only part of the solution for bands. If you also offer a solution that handles a different aspect of band management or aids bands in any way, please contact us. We willingly partner and reduce rates to provide a subscription package with others.


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