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Praise For gigApp

"A must-have for any band that wants to keep their web site current without relying on their webmaster to update the site. Anyone can use gigApp. Fast, easy, and instant updates."
  Alex Skolnick
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Testament, Savatage, Alex Skolnick Trio


"Managing bands has become much easier with gigApp. Time-critical promotions can be immediately posted to the band's web site, there is no more waiting for the webmaster or band. The best part is that the bands can update their web site from anywhere with web access. Our clients give us gigApp accounts, so even we can update their site if they are on tour or in the studio. For busy managers or bands on the road, gigApp is a wonderful tool."
  Magus Entertainment
Alan Stewart, Manager


"Promoting booked gigs has never been easier. I use the account that the band gave to me, and the confirmed date is on their web site. No more wondering if the details will be right on the web site after being passed from me to the band to the web person."
  360 Degree Booking
Jason Redden, President


"Ever heard the saying, "Cut out the middle man"? All bands know too well the frustration of having important information not make it to your site on time because your webmaster didn't get around to it. gigApp allows you to bypass the middle man. You can add, update, edit any information to your site in real time. In this day and age you are only as good as your website, and the informaton must be current and accurate. gigApp is a program made for musicians for this very purpose and is extremely user friendly."
  Laughing Colors
Corey Hall, PRS sponsored guitarist

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